Diversity, Experience, Change.

Every person is the expert for his or her life story, that is our principle

We, the employees of the non-profit WIB network, pursue the goal of enabling self-evident and equal participation in life in society.

In our network of facilities, projects and companies, we promote the social and professional integration of mentally ill and addicted, disabled and socially disadvantaged people. Openness to people of different cultures is an important principle of our work. Everyone should be able to lead a self-determined life. To this end, we offer care, counseling, housing, employment and work.

The well-being of the person who comes to us and wants our support is important to us. Whether housing or food, health, social contacts, work or employment - we help with practical social work. Through qualified counseling, we promote professional integration into the general labor market as well as into training and qualification measures.

Our concern is to find individual solutions with the experts and the help of experience, based on their needs.

Being close to the people we support requires responsibility in our actions and the development of mutual trust.
Even in difficult situations, we approach the tasks with confidence and commitment, using all our knowledge, experience and creativity.

Change is an integral part of our culture. Together with all those involved, we develop future perspectives with the aim of recognizing one's own resources and thinking about change - this makes it possible to gain security and live in harmony with one's own possibilities.

We work professionally and innovatively. The variety of different offers becomes our common cause through communication, cooperation and networking. Transparency in the structures and strong teams are an essential prerequisite for this.